Theatre - Kids

The Matriarch & 2 Spoons Of Sugar

First Class brings to you a play by children largely based on Hrishikesh Mukherjee's classic Khoobsurat, the play is set in contemporary times in an upper middle class family's home. What happens when a disciplinarian mother who runs her house and controls her family to the tee comes across a fun loving, cheerful and a happy-go-lucky girl forms the crux of the play.

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Dhara Ki Kahani, Children Play

It's a story of a house where the family members, consciously or unconsciously have a habit of misusing resources like water and electricity in daily life. They have no sensitivity for the environment. Dadaji arrives for the summer holidays and notices these bad habits of the family members. He takes it upon himself to try to make them understand the consequences of wasting ...

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